Monday, February 18, 2013

#17 - Fast Food Vindication by Lisa Tillinger Johansen

Thanks to my friends at NetGalley I was able to obtain a publisher's copy of this book for my nook.  The theory intrigued me as I am on a weight loss journey of my own and my husband and kids seem to be a little more than obsessed with McDonalds and Pizza Ranch so I bumped this read up in line and I'm glad that I did.

Fast Food Vindication by Lisa Tillinger Johansen spelunks into the dark cave of the American diet to reveal all of the secrets that nobody wants us to know.  Her perspective is unique because, not only did she work for McDonald's corporate real estate offices but she also went back to school to become a Registered Dietician which leans credibility and weight to the discussion she sparks.

In case you think that this book is just a knee jerk reaction to the recent slams on fast food or a propaganda tool to get you back in the drive thru lane while you have been avoiding the BK/KFC/Taco Bell scene, think again.  The effect that Fast Food Vindication had on me is examining every food choice whether it be home cooked, purchased out or driven home in a bag.  Just because you think you are making the healthy choice, doesn't necessarily make it true.

For example, you sit down at a restaurant like Chili's or Applebees and think you are making the healthy choice by selecting a salad or wrap.  Unbenownst to you, by the time you finish the salad (which is three times bigger than a normal salad) you have consumed nearly your entire calorie allocation for the entire day! And that's just in a salad! If you had driven through the McD's your calorie count for your salad purchase would have been about half...

Not only are sit down restaurants discussed but actually foods purchased for home consumption.  We try to be conscious and read labels but there are hidden dangers in the way nutritional information is displayed that make even cooking at home into a minefield of fat, sodium and calories.

The author gives us a great roadmap in order to get through these bumps and does a great job directing us to resources that will help us live healthier lifestyles and allow us to make good choices even when fast food dining becomes a necessity as it is for most of us. When it becomes available in your area, I definitely recommend picking up a copy!

Goodreads rating: 5 stars (rounded up from 4.5)

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